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Positive Vibrations

“Music is sound, and sound is rooted in vibration,” says Shivani Sakhrani, counselling psychologist at Inspiron. “Sound vibrations are absorbed through the body and can help ease stress and allow the body to relax. Known as vibroacoustic therapy, this intervention was used with low frequency sound—similar to a low rumble—that… Read More »Positive Vibrations

Feed on themes

Priya William a frequent visitor at ‘Cafe Artelier’, a therapy cafe that aims at breaking the stigma around mental health in our country, says, “‘Cafe Artelier’ allows me to express my feelings and emotions in the best way I know and that is through … READ MORE

Toxic love destroys you!

Priyanka MB, a psychologist, says that 90 per cent of her clients are people who are facing problems in such relationships. Elaborating, she adds, “A lot of factors including childhood trauma and unhealthy relationship patters in the family contribute to the cause. Today relationships are more about lifestyle and a… Read More »Toxic love destroys you!

Taking ART to the heart

Art therapist Disha Dutt feels that identifying symbols and patterns in artwork is a major factor to help people express themselves. “It is helpful as often such minute feelings might not be expressed in words and are better communicated through art,” she says. Gagan Somaiah KJ, a professional dance therapist… Read More »Taking ART to the heart