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Corporate wellness programs, driven by positivity

We offer a unique engagement model for corporate leaders and teams. which begins with simple individual evaluations, assessed by our experts. These will then lead to four types of interventions:

We offer a host of workshops to address the challenges uncovered with the evaluations. These can be either our flagship offerings, or custom-designed programs.

The workshops will be complemented by a set of videos, audio podcasts, articles, and other tools that can help individuals address their personal challenges.

Individuals can sign up for a 21-day adjunct program that incorporates aspects of art, music, dance movement therapy and personal coaching to learn essential skills and techniques.

Our experts are always ready to offer one-on-one support through consultations.


Our experts have created a set of tools that can assess various aspects of an individual’s mental health, from simple stress levels to complex aspects like management styles, which can have a profound impact on teamwork.

Here is a sample stress test that can evaluate how stressed you and your colleagues are:

Our flagship programs

These programs have been received positively and recommended to other by teams at companies like Standard Chartered, ICICI Lombard, 3M, GroupM,, App Orchid, and others:

  • Millennials and Gen Z – Breaking down the challenge for HR
  • Fostering learning and intrinsic motivation​
  • Assertiveness training and handling remote work ​
  • Building boundaries – establishing a healthy work-life balance​
  • 10Cs versus the big C: Understanding and dealing with stress​
  • Happiness Hour (Expression based session)​
  • Mindfulness with Mandalas (Art based session)​
  • Workplace wellness (Movement based session)​

Self-help tools

Mental health and work: an introduction

Here is a sample podcast that you can access anytime you feel stressed, to bring your focus back to the present – and your breath.

Adjunct co-therapy program

Inspiron’s adjunct co-therapy program is designed psychologists, psychiatrists, and experts in art, music, and dance movement therapy.

It has three dimensions, handled by three experts – a psychologist who will provide weekly counseling, an art, music, dance, or movement therapist who will lead you through interesting activities you can practice, and a junior psychologist who will touch base with you every day and lead you through the 21-day program.


Our psychologists offer counseling sessions in a cafe-style setup we call ‘consultation over coffee’. This breaks down barriers, enabling you to express, open up, and heal, while ensuring privacy and confidentiality with your counselor.