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Built on the simple idea that mental health should be as scientific & accessible as physical health, we offer unique emotional wellness solutions that address a wide range of personal and professional challenges.

Vision & Mission

Inspiron was started with ONE simple goal. 

Provide quality mental health care that is accessible and affordable.


Touching 15 crore lives in the next 5 years.

Psychological Well-Being Services

Consult through Affordable packages available.

Take a quick assessment to understand your mental health.

A unique 21 day program with daily sessions designed for corporates.

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One-on-one consultation with psychologists and psychiatrists.


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Treatment protocols that involve psychometric screening, diagnostics, and multi-modal psychotherapy.


Support to work towards your goals using personalised self-help toolkits – podcasts, worksheets, videos and articles.

Our Experts

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Meet Our Experts

Priyanka MB

Priyanka M B

founder & director

Priyanka founded Inspiron in 2017 with the simple idea that mental health should be as scientific & accessible as physical health.

She believes that unfulfilled childhood memories and dreams are the driving forces that shape our personality. Based on psychodynamic, behavioral, humanitarian and existential theories, her approach is scientific, yet eclectic. She specializes in treating trauma and abuse, clinical conditions like Depression, Anxiety, and OCD.

As a trainer, she has worked with numerous industry leaders.

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Corporate Well-Being Solutions, Driven by Positivity

Customised programs, solutions, and support that can help leaders build cultures, processes, and emotional skills that foster professional growth and personal well-being.

These work through a unique engagement model which allows us to customise it for each company, each team, and even each individual, and address specific business challenges.

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