Inspiron Psychological Well-being Centre

Consultation over coffee

Built on the simple idea that mental health should be as scientific, accessible, personalised, and ubiquitous as physical health, Inspiron offers unique emotional wellness solutions that address a wide range of personal and professional challenges.

Our personal sessions are offered in a cafe-style setup we call ‘consultation over coffee’ which breaks the stigma associated with mental health and enables self-expression.


Treatment protocols that involve psychometric screening, diagnostics, and multi-modal psychotherapy.


Support to work towards your goals using personalised self-help toolkits – podcasts, worksheets, videos and articles.


A blend of technology and digital tools with traditional art, dance movement, music, theatre, and animal-assisted therapy.


Book an appointment below. We will call you to understand your concerns and match you with a psychologist whose approach suits your needs. You can call or WhatsApp us at +919845676442 for any questions/clarifications.

You can also sign up for the Science of Relationships Program. Our relationship coach will contact you and your partner to begin the 21-day program. You can also take the 21-day Challenge alone!

psychologists sessions
psychiatric consults


Personal counselling

Therapy sessions to address personal concerns like stress, anxiety, depression, career-related challenges, and anything else you want to talk about.

Science of relationships

Innovative sessions for couples that incorporate art, dance, music, and various other interests and hobbies - to boost connection and intimacy.

Corporate well-being

Workshops (now digital webinars) which leverage innovative expression, movement, art and music-based techniques to foster positivity and happiness.

Mental health toolkit

A set of audio-visual tools to help you deal with the numerous challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Free assessments

Digital tools to assess important mental health indicators. Contact us for more.

Educational support

We work with schools and colleges (in partnership with the Live Love Laugh Foundation) to help students and teachers get the insights and tools they need to improve learning... and teaching!

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