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About Inspiron

Vision & Mission


Inspiron was started with ONE simple goal. 

Provide quality mental health care that is accessible and affordable.



Touching 15 crore lives in the next 5 years.

Inspiron Psychological Well-being Centre

Positivity. Happiness. Psychology

Inspiron, India’s first Psychological well-being café, transforms the way mental healthcare is accessed and delivered. 

Our Tech-driven solution model and team of mental health experts address the entire gamut of mental health conditions through scientifically proven methods.

Inspiron’s expression- based approach also entails art, dance, music, theatre into therapy. This has been leveraged by more than 2,00,000 people through individual therapy sessions, educational institutions and corporate enterprises.

Our simple goal is to impact 5 million lives in the next 5 years

Leadership team


Priyanka M B

Entrepreneur, founder, Director, Psychologist


Dr Jagadish


Core team

Ahmed Asif. Psychologist, Head of Corporate Engagement, Head of Operations and Assistant Manager – Indiranagar

Ahmed Asif.
Psychologist, Head of Corporate Engagement, Head of Operations and Assistant Manager – Indiranagar

“Has completed 2500+ hrs of therapy sessions and Has trained 850+ interns from the Department of Psychology”

Mr. Ahmed is a seasoned counseling psychologist with a versatile and adaptable approach to support his clients. Drawing from his wealth of experience, he specializes in assisting individuals grappling with a spectrum of psychological challenges, including Depression, Anxiety, Personality Disorders, Stress, and Sexual Dysfunctions.

Beyond these, Mr. Ahmed is well-versed in addressing more complex conditions such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety Disorders, Psychosis, and various Neurodevelopmental Concerns. 

Anikha S J 
Consultant Psychologist and supervisor

“Has completed 12000+ hrs of therapy sessions and Has trained 1000+ interns from the Department of Psychology”

Anikha kumar has done her Msc in Clinical Psychology securing a third rank from Jain University and clinical Hypnotherapy from Ekaa. She uses an eclectic approach to treat the concerns of her clients, as research suggests eclectic approaches have proven to be more effective. Being in the field for over 10 years, passion to heal people which has turned into a vision of catering to anyone and everyone in relation to mental health has been the focus for Anikha.

Post treating over 800+ clients ranging from clinical and personality disorders, Anikha has been active in learning and applying different schools of thought. Being a patient listener, which is one of her biggest strengths has proved most effective in treating her clients.

Fardeen Rafique Psychologist, Head of Education Verticlal, Head of Operations and Assistant Manager – HSR

Fardeen Rafique
Psychologist, Head of Education Verticlal, Head of Operations and Assistant Manager – HSR

“Has completed 2700+ hrs of therapy sessions and Has trained 900+ interns from the Department of Psychology”

Ms. Fardeen Rafique is an experienced counseling psychologist, dedicated to assisting clients in managing a broad spectrum of short-term and long-term challenges. Her expertise extends to trauma and abuse, body image issues, stress, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, emotional dysregulation, work-related stress, and adjustment difficulties. 

Ms. Fardeen firmly believes that genuine behavioral change is achieved through a combination of guidance, autonomy, and active efforts to confront and cope with life’s various circumstances. She employs a compassionate and client-centered approach, fostering an environment of support and understanding.

Janaki N

“Has completed 920+ hrs of therapy sessions”

Ms. Janaki is an experienced counseling psychologist with over 2 years of expertise. Specializing in an inclusive and eclectic therapeutic approach, she focuses on adolescents and young adults, addressing issues such as anxiety, grief, trauma, interpersonal challenges, and self-esteem struggles. Beyond crisis intervention, Janaki guides clients in personal and professional growth, covering areas like productivity, assertiveness, and work-life balance.

Trained in suicide prevention, she creates a professional and empathetic space for her clients. A published researcher advocating for the empowering nature of therapy, Janaki contributes to mental health awareness through content creation, workshops, and curriculum development.

Ms. Janaki is an experienced counseling psychologist with over 2 years of expertise
Shivani Dadhwal Psychologist

Shivani Dadhwal

“Has completed 410+ hrs of therapy sessions and Has trained 75+ interns from the Department of Psychology”

Ms. Shivani is a therapist who believes that humans are capable of intentional change, radical acceptance and cultivating meaningful connections. The therapeutic space she strives to create is informed by an exploration of one’s inner world from a compassionate and collaborative standpoint. While her practice remains eclectic, allowing her to work with diverse clients and their unique needs, she draws from a humanistic, intersectional, and affirmative psychotherapy. She uses tools from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). 

Her professional interests are understanding the complex narratives and dialogues we create for trauma-informed care. Therefore, she views therapy as a space of healing and unlearning from a social justice lens. Her work centers around young adults and adults, helping them work through a variety of mental health concerns.

Sabeera Nowreen

“Has completed 450+ hrs of therapy sessions and Has trained 80+ interns from the Department of Psychology”

Ms Sabeera Nowreen is a compassionate therapist with a humanistic orientation. She practices an integrative approach to counseling and psychotherapy that helps her understand the mental health concerns that facilitate wellbeing of individuals in different ages and stages of life. She adopts a person centered and reflective approach in her sessions, enabling her to navigate through various stages of the individual’s life with a non-judgmental and introspective attitude. She believes in keeping a warm and friendly environment that enables her sessions to be comforting. 

She facilitates the therapeutic process by providing for the clients’ unique needs and choosing the most suitable approach to help an individual acquire the skills to function optimally in their lives.

Sabeera Nowreen PSYCHOLOGIST
Ms Devolika - Psychologist Inspiron well being centre

Devolika Kuhad
Psychologist, Head of Internship

“Has completed 120+ hrs of therapy sessions and Has trained 30+ interns from the Department of Psychology”

Ms. Devolika is truly passionate about advocating for mental health and supporting individuals of all ages in their journey towards well-being. She strives to create a safe and nurturing space where people can feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and emotions. She brings a diverse range of therapeutic approaches to her practice, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), and a Person-Centered approach. By tailoring these techniques to each individual’s unique needs, she aims to empower her clients to overcome challenges and achieve their personal goals. As an advocate for mental health, she believes in the importance of reducing stigma surrounding psychological well-being. Through compassionate and evidence-based practices, she is dedicated to assisting individuals in enhancing their emotional resilience and improving their overall quality of life.

Rachna Muralidhar
Clinical Psychologist

Ms.Rachna is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, who has been trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). She believes that therapy is a process of understanding areas of concern of an individual in-depth, rekindling lost hope and reviving overall well-being through scientific tools and strategies.

She has worked extensively with adults and adolescents in the areas of interpersonal dynamics, trauma based dysfunction/disorders, de-addiction, habit and impulse control disorders, depression and anxiety.

Shruti Nedungadi Consultant Psychologist

Shruti Nedungadi
Consultant Psychologist

“Has completed 5000+ hrs of therapy sessions”

Ms. Shruti Nedungadi is a Psychologist, Mental Health consultant and Corporate trainer with over 8 years of experience across NGO’s, schools and corporates. I work across a number of specializations like individual counselling, career counselling, corporate counselling, leadership training and workshops, corporate sessions, working with children and adults with Special Needs. 

My goal is to help people become the best versions of themselves and equip them with the tools for personal, professional and academic growth. I have completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology and am a certified Career Counsellor, and have an IB PYP Certification as well. I have been working with adolescents and adults on various concerns like anxiety, stress management, relationship issues, work stress etc.

Prachi Agarwal

“Has completed 2000+ hrs of therapy sessions and Has trained 500+ interns from the Department of Psychology”

Ms. Prachi, is a counseling psychologist who uses an eclectic, person-centered approach to therapy. Her work reflects a collaborative approach with the client to individualize each therapeutic journey. She caters to client’s individual needs and preferences with an inclination towards Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Solution Focused Behavior Therapy. 

She has extensive training and experience in dealing with OCD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, relationships and addictions, among other concerns. She works with children, adolescents, young adults and middle and old adults.


Dr Sridevi


Dr Praveen


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Art therapist

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