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Nurturing Future Minds

Playfulness. Curiosity. Development.

Support for schools and colleges to give teachers, students and parents all the tools they need to foster the emotional well-being of children.

Comprehensive toolkit for education

We work schools and colleges to support the mental health and emotional well-being of teachers and students.

It begins with a simple online evaluation, which is usually followed by customised workshops for the teachers. We will then work with the teachers to improve their own mental health, while they provide the support students need.

Parents can also take this offering to understand the emotional needs of their children.

Emotional / psycho-social assessments for students
Workshop for teachers and management
Personal consultation for teachers
Group support
Training & development
24x7 helpline

24x7 Helpline Number

Call at 080-47094442

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Talk to one of our experts to see how we can work with your institution. Our brochure provides more details of our engagement model, but It can be fully customised to meet your school’s / college’s specific requirements.

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