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Financial Struggles and Mental Health

Everyone experiences financial struggles at some point in their lifetime… the middle-class office secretary, the BPL breadwinner of the family, the affluent businesswoman, the retired couple, the student entrepreneur… everyone.  According to decades of data collected by the American Psychological Association (APA), 72% of adults report feeling stressed about money.… Read More »Financial Struggles and Mental Health

The Dark Side of Capitalism

For the past several decades, mental health issues and substance abuse cases have been on the rise. In fact, many studies show that the overall well-being of people, which includes mental health and general health, have been on the decline. Some longitudinal studies show that half the population is likely… Read More »The Dark Side of Capitalism

Hustle culture | Podcast

— TRANSCRIPT — Have you been swamped with work, so much so that you lose track of time? Does twenty-four hours a day never suffice for all the tasks on your list? You’re probably witnessing the phenomenon known as ‘hustle culture’. What is this hustle culture we speak of? Well,… Read More »Hustle culture | Podcast

Positive Vibrations

“Music is sound, and sound is rooted in vibration,” says Shivani Sakhrani, counselling psychologist at Inspiron. “Sound vibrations are absorbed through the body and can help ease stress and allow the body to relax. Known as vibroacoustic therapy, this intervention was used with low frequency sound—similar to a low rumble—that… Read More »Positive Vibrations