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Psychological Well-Being: Health Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao Acknowledges Advocacy Partners

Inspirons Mental Health Advocacy 2024 event, Karnataka's Health Minister, Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao,

In a visionary address at the Inspirons Mental Health Advocacy 2024 event, Karnataka’s Health Minister, Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao, unveiled a comprehensive roadmap to revolutionize psychological well-being across the region. Amidst his strategic plan, Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao took a moment to recognize the pivotal contributions of Ms. Priyanka M B, Founder and Psychologist at Inspiron Psychological Well-Being.

Advocacy and Awareness:

Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao passionately advocated for psychological well-being awareness and de stigmatization, underscoring the importance of open dialogue and societal support to combat discrimination and ridicule faced by individuals with psychological well-being challenges. He acknowledged the prevalence of such issues among students and their profound impact on overall well-being. 

Programs and Initiatives:

Under Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao’s dynamic leadership, Karnataka has launched groundbreaking initiatives. Tele-psychological well-being services have been deployed to provide specialized support, particularly in rural areas lacking access to psychological well-being professionals. Additionally, district psychological well-being programs and the Super Tuesday clinic initiative ensure localized support, while targeted suicide prevention programs address the alarming rise in suicide attempts, especially among young people. 

Inspirons Mental Health Advocacy 2024 event, Karnataka's Health Minister, Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao
Inspirons Mental Health Advocacy 2024 event, Karnataka’s Health Minister, Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao

Government Initiatives and Policies:

Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao highlighted the pivotal role of the National Psychological Well-Being Act in shaping policies and services nationwide. He emphasized efforts to extend psychological well-being initiatives to the village level, prioritizing accessibility and inclusivity in psychological well-being care delivery.

Professional Treatment and Services:

Acknowledging the importance of professional treatment, Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao detailed the implementation of the brain health initiative, offering comprehensive services including speech therapies, occupational therapies, and neurology services. Specialized services in district hospitals cater to complex conditions such as dementia and schizophrenia, ensuring holistic psychological well-being care. 

Stakeholder Involvement and Advocacy:

Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao emphasized the imperative of advocacy involving diverse stakeholders, including governments, investors, and analysts, to amplify awareness and support for psychological well-being initiatives. He acknowledged the severity of psychological well-being issues despite societal stigma, advocating for collective action to address these challenges.

Personal and Familial Impact:

Recognizing the profound impact of psychological well-being issues on families and relationships, Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao encouraged individuals to seek help and treatment for improved well-being. He underscored the positive ripple effects of treatment, not only benefiting the individual but also enhancing the quality of life for their loved ones. 

Acknowledgments and Conclusion:

In conclusion, Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao extended heartfelt appreciation to Ms. Priyanka M B for her tireless efforts in advancing psychological well-being initiatives, recognizing her invaluable contributions to the cause. He outlined plans for ongoing expansion and enhancement of psychological well-being programs in Karnataka, reaffirming the government’s unwavering commitment to reaching more communities and individuals in need. 

Through Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao’s visionary leadership and Ms. Priyanka’s dedicated advocacy, Karnataka is poised to lead the charge in transforming psychological well-being care, fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society for generations to come.

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