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The Science of Relationships

The science of relationships

Would you like to decode the secret of happier romantic relationships? Know if the one you are dating is right for you? Rekindle the spark in your relationship? Then this is for you!

With a series of unique experiences every day for 21 days, this experiential program that you can take with your partner will help you find connection and rekindle love and romance.

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Happier relationships

Research shows that for a relationship to be satisfying, there needs to be a perfect mix of commitment, intimacy and passion (Sternberg, 1988). If you want to work on your love, trust, passion, intimacy and commitment, then go ahead, sign up and give this program a shot!

Choosing the right partner

It shouldn’t take you two years to know if someone is right for you. With the right psychological tools and techniques, you can gain an insight into how anyone thinks, feels, and behaves, in 21 days (or less)

Rekindling love & growth

It takes constant effort (the small things) to keep the spark alive in a relationship. But all too often, we neglect it. But this 21-day experience can help you rekindle the love that made you heart beat a little faster, the sun shine a little brighter, and put a smile on your lips.

Take a simple screening test to evaluate the quality of your relationship.

The experiential framework

Screening compatibility

There is a lot more to compatibility than common interests and shared values. Our unique psychological and emotional makeups affect how we approach relationships.

You will understand the nuances as you start this process with your partner.

Understanding behaviour

We behave differently with different people – parents, friends, and even when we are alone. It is important to understand how you behave in a relationship, and how you feed off the other’s thoughts, actions, and ideas.

We will help you find what works for you and your partner.

Exploring personalities

Just like the five fingers in our hands are not the same, everyone has their own personalities. And in a relationship, two such personalities have to meet – like a firm handshake.

Through this process, you will explore not just your partner’s personality, but your own too.

Unburdening past baggage

We are heavily influenced our past experiences. Sometimes, some of this might have been painful & unhealthy. If you carry this into a relationship, it can become a challenge.

That’s why it is important to address this as you take on this experiential workshop with your partner.

Experience it with your partner

The program allows you to experience three different types of activities. The first will be sessions with a relationship coach (a professional psychologist), the second will be art-based sessions with an art therapist, and the third will be daily activities you will engage in independently with your partner.

At the end of the 21-day program, you will gain insight into not just relationships and your partner, but yourself too, including:

  • Relationship essentials to guide/create a healthy marriage/relationship 
  • Your partner’s love language 
  • Your style of attachment in the relationship
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