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Relationship satisfaction scale

Relationship satisfaction scale

Read each statement and select the appropriate response to indicate how you feel. There are no right or wrong answers. Do not spend too much time on any one statement but give the answer which seems to describe your present feelings best.

Please note: This is not a clinical or diagnostic test. It is designed to help you gain insight into your relationship and the complex dynamic psychological aspects that affect your happiness. Explore our ‘Science of Relationships’ Program here.

To what extent does your relationship meet your original expectation?

How well does your partner meet your needs?

How satisfied are you with your relationship?

Compared to other couples you know, how would you rate your own relationship?

How often do you wish you hadn’t gotten into this relationship?

How much do you [still] love your partner?

How do you rate the problems in your relationship?

Communication and openness

Resolving conflict & arguments

Showing affection and caring

Intimacy and understanding

Satisfaction with your role in the relationship

Satisfaction with the role your partner plays in the relationship

Relationship satisfaction scale
Below aveerage
Better than average

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