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Core team

Priyanka MB

Priyanka M B


Priyanka believes that unfulfilled childhood memories and dreams are the driving forces that shape our personality. Based on psychodynamic, behavioural, humanitarian and existential theories, her approach is scientific, yet eclectic. She specializes in treating trauma and abuse, clinical conditions like Depression, Anxiety, and OCD.

As a trainer, she has worked with numerous industry leaders.

Anikha S J


Anikha’s experience rooted in the psychodynamic approach helps her get to the root of her clients’ concerns, and address various clinical and personality issues. Through her solution-focused sessions, more than 600 people have been able to pick up the tools and learn the techniques they need to get on the road to recovery and healing.

She is also a trainer, mentoring students of psychology at Inspiron.

Sonakshi Mukherji


Sonakshi has developed a reflective approach that empowers clients to reach a deeper understanding of themselves. While using aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy, she also leverages the transformative power of human choice, compassion, and connection in healing.

She also leads the corporate program at Inspiron, developing assets used by psychologists & clients alike.

Fardeen Rafique


Fardeen Rafique specializes in child and adolescent psychology and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. She also works with a humanistic approach for adults, dealing with career-related issues like anger, anxiety, and stress management.

She is a certified mindfulness and career coach.

Sucheta Das


Sucheta Das is the centre coordinator and heads Inspiron’s signature co-therapy program. She also develops personalized programs, and handles recruitment and training of psychology students for internships.

She is also a certified first responder for suicide prevention.

Ahmed Asif


Ahmed uses an eclectic approach to help clients through his experience in dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, and OCD. He maintains a person-centered approach, emphasising on unconditional positive regard and has a non-judgmental attitude that makes him approachable for adolescents, adults and couples alike.

He is also a trainer for Psychology Interns at Inspiron. He is well versed in developing programs that deals with changes in lifestyle.