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Emotions Around Christmas Movies During Holidays

Christmas time is definitely a joyous time for all members of the family and otherwise! It is a time of ‘giving’ and loving and acceptance and forgiving. It is that time of the year where everyone comes together as one and shares in the love and joy. One of the most go-to ways to spend the time when people are not helping around the house or aren’t busy doing something else is to sit and watch Christmas movies! Movies that expand the holiday spirit with their familiar themes and situations which create a deeper sense of tradition! Watching these movies may also create a shared experience that brings individuals and families together during this festive period.

Holiday movies could evoke a sense of nostalgia by portraying scenes of festive celebrations and family gatherings. It brings about a sentimental connection to the past which makes the holiday experience emotionally very comforting. Christmas movies usually showcase themes surrounding love, togetherness, acceptance, nostalgia etc. Viewers could often end up relating to the characters facing challenges and finding solutions, or relating to the homesick feeling of watching people who live away from their families return home during the holidays.

Christmas movies and such other movies can act as an escape from the stressors of daily life and offer a temporary retreat into a world of calm and family and comfort. It allows individuals to immerse themselves into the holiday experience. Holiday movies often explore a range of emotions from happiness and laughter to heartwarming moments, and at times to sadness and despair. Viewers may find these holiday movies a safe space to feel and express their emotions. Sometimes, watching these movies while sitting in the midst of family, or even when alone, fully engrossing yourself into the holiday spirit can lead to a form of emotional catharsis.

Oftentimes, even the anticipation of the holiday season approaching could lead to a build up of festive joy and a sense of excitement. The very fact that the holidays are approaching could lead individuals to be happy and eager to be in the holiday spirit. And not only individuals or families but also it could also be a shared feeling among entire communities of people. It could lead up to being a collective and shared experience.

For children, the holidays where families come together could also act as a bridge that gaps the shared experience. The elders of the family sit down with the youngsters of the family, sharing old traditions, some rituals, and a lot of stories about their past. Some of those stories could revolve around the holiday theme and some of them could not, but the idea is to integrate a familial bond and try to bridge the gap between both the generations as much as possible. This shared tradition strengthens family bonds and creates lasting memories.

Many families even conduct movie marathons. The members of the family sit together and watch as many Christmas movies as possible at one go. They bask in the sense of warmth among the joy and acceptance of shared familial connections. Watching these movies emphasize themes of generosity, kindness and goodwill may inspire viewers to carry these values into their own lives, which contribute to a more festive and compassionate atmosphere.

Because the movies usually set the tone for the celebration and merriment, all Christmas films contribute to the ambiance of joy which heightens the positive emotions revolving around Christmas and other such holidays. 

Written By –
Modhuja Adhikary

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