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A psychologist is your co-pilot

A psychologist is your co-pilot What exactly happens in therapy?

By Anikha S J (psychologist)

What exactly happens in therapy?

Imagine you are flying an aircraft. Alone. You can’t see the ground below, you don’t know if you are flying east or west, climbing up or falling, turning or even flying upside down. You have no instruments or point of reference. It is scary.

Sometimes life feels like this, and counseling becomes important

A safe space and a co-pilot

In the scenario described above, a psychologist plays the role of the co-pilot and the ‘safe space’ of therapy is like a fully equipped cockpit, with all the instruments and tools you need to take control of your life.

Psychometric assessments act like gyroscopes, altimeters, and other tools, helping you gather and process information about your problems. Discussion with the therapist helps you set a course, overcome obstacles, and give you the confidence to fly smoothly.

A note of caution: Just like you wouldn’t let a friend fly your aircraft, and would only let a qualified pilot help you, talking to a friend is not therapy. You need a qualified psychologist to help you navigate your life better. You can and should fly the aircraft alone, but sometimes it is good to have some help.

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