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Work, career, and the paradox of choice

The paradox of choice is the situation where making a choice can cause more problems than not making it, or too many choices paralyse us from making any choice. 

If you are thinking of changing jobs or asking yourself if a career is right for you, here is what you need to know to know to make that choice in the best possible way – for you. 

First, think about how each option can change what you do on a daily basis – the skills you need, the time you need to develop those skills, the financial aspect if you have to pay for classes/training, etc. 

Second, think long term. How will it improve or change, say in the next 10 years? Will it give you a steadier income, more time for hobbies and interests, how will it impact your personal life and relationships? 

Understand and compare the short-term and long-term implications before you decide. While it is always good to know what we want and go after it, it is also important to know that any job or career will have its good and bad moments. The trick is to find which one of the choices has the potential to give you more of the good things you want (and prioritise) for yourself. 

Last but not the least, it is always advisable to talk to someone with experience, a mentor who can guide you, or a counselor who can help you understand yourself and what you want. 

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