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Positivity is the key to good leadership – especially during a crisis

Positivity is the key to good leadership – especially during a crisis

While some companies are struggling, others are thriving. So we at Inspiron are exploring what makes some companies and teams succeed, while others struggle. One big difference is what the companies do. But an equally important aspect is what the leaders and managers are doing.

As people look to their bosses for guidance, here are four critical things you should be doing to help your team through these unprecedented times.

Set expectations with compassion.

Many aspects of our lives were running on autopilot, requiring minimal attention. But this crisis has forced us to re-evaluate everything. Give every person on your team the time they need to put things in place. Reinforce compassion when setting expectations and take active steps to reduce the complexity of remote work. Setting and achieving short-term goals feels more rewarding.

Make positivity a priority.

There is enough bad news flying around to create stress, don’t add to it by criticizing work that doesn’t meet your expectations. Complement and appreciate everyone on what they have accomplished every day. Communicate positivity.

Give. Then take.

Kindness and generosity are critical to helping people feel better and work better. Give your people what they need to simplify work, stay positive, and tackle personal and professional challenges. Converse with specificity, be engaging and open. Then ask them to do what you want them to do.

Bring people together.

Physical isolation creates an imbalance in the ‘social neuro-chemicals’ in our brain, leading to a sense of low self-esteem and may also lead to depression. As a leader, it is critical that you foster a sense of social belonging. Start or end every zoom meeting or phone call with a ritual. Maybe, ask everyone to get a coffee and have a virtual break – together.

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