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MONEY OR PASSION? …and the paralysis of choice

MONEY OR PASSION? …and the paralysis of choice Inspiron Psychological Well Being Centre

One of the most debated questions, specifically in the Indian context is should one pursue what they love or should one pursue what will fulfill their physiological needs as per Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? In a time where the economy is only a step away from collapsing entirely, people cannot help being practical and seeking jobs which are secure even if they are not their first choice. Yet, we see small businesses performing well at a gradual pace.

So one cannot help wondering, does money truly drive everything? Or can one not pursue their passion while working?

The answer to this question is both, yes and no. If your passion is something creative like art or music, you are better placed in life if you find a more stable job and save before going full-time onto the path of your choice. Trying to pursue it while working also isn’t a bad idea as many Instagram artists have shown us during the last year. However, trying to manage both may just push you into a state of a creative block and this may affect your work performance too.

At the same time, finding a balance between your passion and a good paycheck is possible as long as you plan out both, long term and short term intentions. Keeping a schedule which gives you the flexibility to do art during the weekends and focus on work during the week goes a long way in ensuring you are not stressed nor are you behind at work.

If you are lucky, your passion may be what brings money. In this rare case, you still need to be cautious and ensure that you do not lose that passion to the web that money can become. Similarly, do not let your passion become the reason you fail to make progress or earn a substantial amount of money.

This advice is very pragmatic but also difficult to follow, as the lines are very fine. While you may want to do what you love, that might not always work out. That is why, you as an individual need to understand what your priorities are. There are many individuals who choose to save money before going after what they love, then there are individuals who go after what they love while earning and then there are those who never get the chance to pursue their passions as their means of earning took away all their time. Depending on who you want to become, make your choices. And always remember to stay true to what you love.

Sometimes staying true means making choices you don’t necessarily agree with, or taking decisions others don’t support you on. But, if you just have the right amount of faith and perseverance, things will slowly begin to fall in place. This of course needs a lot of effort on your path too and soon enough you might just find yourself becoming the exact person you wanted to become. Even in the case that you do not become what you envisioned, just getting somewhere is an achievement and you should be proud of that. Again, as we grow our dreams might change to suit our needs. Before you know it, a peace trip to your hometown and some good films might become what you care for.

Meanwhile, go after what you love. If you love making desserts, do it for people you love, even if you cannot monetise it, as not all your passions need to make money. As Nelson Mandela once said “There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

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