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Helping someone else is easier than helping yourself

Helping someone else is easier than helping yourself

By Anikha S J (psychologist)

Why is therapy important?

Have you noticed that when your best friends can tease you, criticize you, and praise you, you take it in your stride? But when a stranger makes fun of you, or criticizes you, or praises you, you take it more seriously?

This is not just because we humans are social creatures and need social recognition, but also because a stranger will bring a totally different perspective compared to what we think of something.

This is what makes therapy so valuable. A therapist will not tell you that everything you think and say is ok. But she will not judge you and make you feel bad. It is her job to open your mind to different ways of looking at your problems so you can deal with them effective.

Did you know?

Therapy is not just for dealing with negative situations or problems. We sometimes need help in adjusting to the expectations we force on ourselves – due to the positive changes we make in life. For example, starting a new job (and you might think, a better job) might feel exciting, but can overwhelm you if you are not mentally prepared – say, in handling more responsibilities, or taking decisions independently.

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