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Understand and explore what you are experiencing, and learn to recognise the signs, symptoms, and triggers of anxiety, so you can deal with it better using the tools and techniques in the next section.

Anxiety coping skills

Here are four simple skills you should know. You can use them anytime you feel tense – and anxiety levels rising.

Build an activity schedule that works for you

Building an activity schedule, especially when we have to work from home and balance our personal and professional lives is critical.

Grounding techniques for anxiety

After a trauma, it’s normal to experience flashbacks, anxiety, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Grounding techniques help control these symptoms by turning attention away from thoughts, memories, or worries, and refocusing on the present moment.

Forgive yourself first

Forgiveness is sometimes described as a conscious decision to let go of feelings of anger, bitterness, and retaliation against someone who has wronged you. However, while you may be a generous forgiver of others, you may be a harsh critic of yourself.

Build your social support system

All of us know that feeling… when we are having a bad day, we turn to that close circle of friends, have one-on-one conversations. But have you built and nurtured that circle lately? Here is how you can do it in the middle of a pandemic.

Start a gratitude journal

In the midst of this pandemic, surrounded with loss, bad news and negativity, it often becomes difficult to focus on the good things. That is why it is important to start a journal…


Watch our experts talk about some of the most important aspects of mental health during the pandemic.

Negativity & dealing with Worry

Counseling psychologist Sonakshi Mukherji talks about some important tools and techniques you can use to deal with constant worry about your health (and other things) during tough times.

Coping Skills and Self Care

Counseling psychologist Anikha S J talks about the importance of self-care and tips on how to practice it every day, to cope more effectively with negativity in your inner voice. She says that this has become even more critical as we deal with isolation in these tough times.


Listen to these podcasts to learn some important aspects of mental health during the pandemic for self-care and grounding during he pandemic. 

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5-4-3-2-1 Technique

An effective technique to help you relax when you feel anxious or disconnected from reality. This is presented by Psychologist Shivani Sakhrani.

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Psychologist Sonakshi Mukherji helps you deal with negativity and worry through a series of powerful affirmations.

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Body Scan

Inspired by ancient wisdom that shows that our mind and our body are inextricably connected in our consiousness, this Body Scan exercise can help you relax anytime you feel overwhelmed.

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Self Care

Putting our own well-being can be tough when we are caring for others. This session with our psychologist reminds you to take care of yourself.

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