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Recognizing Anxiety Triggers

    What is a trigger?

    A trigger is any stimulus – a person, place, thing or situation that manifests an unwanted emotional or behavioural response. Triggers could be something very small or something very big as well. For your better understanding, here are a few examples:

    • Your friend not answering your call
    • Having too much workload
    • Being yelled at
    • Certain smells, tastes or noises

    Level 1

    Let’s start by identifying what your triggers are. Here are some general categories of triggers, select the ones that apply to you and name the triggers along with it.

    • Emotional State (eg: angry, sad)
    • Physical State (eg: tensed, tired)
    • Physical Setting (eg: work, home)
    • Social Pressure (eg: being forced)
    • Activities (eg: doing homework, playing a game)
    • Thoughts (eg: remembering why we indulged in a behavior)

    From the above identified triggers, categorise them into high, moderate and low. Underline those that are low, double underline those that are moderate, and circle those that are high.

    Now on to Level 2

    Level 2

    Based on the high triggering factors you mentioned in the previous worksheet, explain any 3 situations and how it triggers you.

    Eg: Work pressure triggering you into a certain behaviour. For instance, yelling at a loved one.

    Situation 1: ______________________________________

    Situation 2: ______________________________________

    Situation 3: ______________________________________

    Now explain how you generally cope or deal with each situation when it occurs.

    Eg: When you are very angry, you may listen to music to calm yourself down.

    The trick is to find out as many triggers, situations, and coping strategies. You can talk to one of our psychologists on the free helpline number, or book a personal online consultation to learn more.


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