The paradox of choice is the situation where making a choice can cause more problems than not making it, or too many choices paralyse us from making any choice.  If you are thinking of changing jobs or asking yourself if a career is right for you, here is what you need to know to know… Read More »Work, career, and the paradox of choice

This pandemic has had a profound effect on our mental health. Here are a few insights from the last few months where our psychologists have worked with various leaders and teams to build positivity and resilience. There are also a few pieces of advice that can prove invaluable for leaders who need to lead remotely.… Read More »Psychological effects of work from home

By Anikha S J (psychologist) Why is therapy important? Have you noticed that when your best friends can tease you, criticize you, and praise you, you take it in your stride? But when a stranger makes fun of you, or criticizes you, or praises you, you take it more seriously? This is not just because… Read More »Helping someone else is easier than helping yourself

By Anikha S J (psychologist) What exactly happens in therapy? Imagine you are flying an aircraft. Alone. You can’t see the ground below, you don’t know if you are flying east or west, climbing up or falling, turning or even flying upside down. You have no instruments or point of reference. It is scary. Sometimes… Read More »A psychologist is your co-pilot

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