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Self-esteem evaluation

    I don’t feel happy about my physical appearance

    I believe that I deserve good things in life

    I have a lot to offer to the people around me

    I find it difficult to list down my positive qualities

    I feel like I am destined to fail at most things I do

    There are times when I feel completely worthless

    I respect myself and establish healthy boundaries

    I know I am competent to perform the tasks expected of me

    I feel proud when I look back at things that I have achieved

    Overall, I am satisfied with who I am

    I feel that others' needs are more important than my own

    I hesitate whenever I receive compliments

    I often compare myself with others while completing tasks

    Self-esteem evaluation
    Low self-esteem
    Your answers suggest that you have experienced some negative things that is affecting your self-esteem. You can move towards improving it by building a safe space for yourself, filled with love and support.
    Good self-esteem
    You are doing really well! If you feel you need some support to work through some issues you might be facing, our psychologists are ready to lend an ear.
    Excellent self-esteem
    Wow! You seem to have found the recipe to building self-esteem. Our psychologists would be delighted to learn your secret!
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