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Corporate Emotional
Wellness Solutions

Our Engagement Model

Our engagement model is designed to address not just short-term projects, but long-term partnerships too. Not just serve individual needs, but address group dynamics too. Last but not least, it doesn’t just rely on consultations and workshops, but involves creating self-help tools and multimedia content that can be used in a variety of scenarios.

EAP Program

An employee assistance program is an employee benefit program that assists employees with personal and/or work-related concerns that may impact their job performance, health, mental and emotional well-being.

Our Flagship Programs

Inspiron creates a unique engagement model which allows us to customize webinars/workshops for each company, each team, each individual, and address specific business challenges.

  • Millennials and Gen Z – Breaking down the challenge for HR
  • Fostering learning and intrinsic motivation
  • Assertiveness training and handling remote work
  • Building boundaries – establishing a healthy work-life balance
  • 10Cs versus the big C: Understanding and dealing with stress
  • Happiness Hour (Expression based session)
  • Mindfulness with Mandalas (Art based session)
  • Workplace wellness (Movement based session)
  • DRIVE:
    • Discovery
    • Reason
    • Information
    • Value
    • Endurance
    • Relationships
    • Empowerment
    • Achievement
    • Consistency
    • (unlocking) Human potential

21-Day Habit Transformation Program

The 21-day habit transformation program is designed by clinical psychologists, art-, music-, and dance- therapists to address a wide range of challenges.

It is delivered by a personal coach assigned to you. You will also have three sessions (once a week) with a clinical psychologist to ensure the program is customised for you and to evaluate your progress.

  • Session with a psychologist (understand yourself better)
  • Start exploring a new hobby (customized for you, under the guidance of your personal coach)


  • Session with a psychologist (evaluate progress)
  • Learn new skills to speed-up personal growth
  • Session with a psychologist
  • Develop a personal process
  • Practice independently

Mental Health Toolkit

The Inspiron Mental Health Tool Kit has been designed by psychologists and psychiatrists as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Based on decades of research and years of helping people deal with a variety of concerns, It helps anyone learn to deal effectively with stress, anxiety, trauma, and grief.

It’s flexible framework allows it to be customised for individual needs, to address a host of concerns, from work-related stress to personal relationships and challenges – from common mental health issues like anxiety to complex professional concerns like resilience and leadership.
This kit contains various audio-visual and creative resources that foster skills and habits to increase positivity and happiness into everyday life.

Self Help Video

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Self Help Podcast

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Supported by

Deepika Padukone
Founder, The Live Love Laugh Foundation

Dr Gangadhar
Former Director, NIMHANS

Dr Devi Shetty
Founder, Narayana Health

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
Founder, Biocon Foundation

K R Ramesh Kumar
Speaker, Karnataka Legislative Assembly

Former Minister for Health & Family Welfare, GOK

Raghavendra Rajkumar
Actor & Producer


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