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Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure. Recurring intrusive thoughts are common. If you have anxiety, you may avoid certain situations out of worry.

What is so special about COVID anxiety?

The pandemic has seen a spike in the levels of anxiety, which are linked to socially disruptive behaviors like isolation and panic buying. Here is what psychologists and social science researchers have found…

CoPaQ Questionnaire

This screening tool will help in understanding how COVID is affecting our mental health. Please feel free to share / discuss this with your friends and relatives.

Anxiety first aid: the 4Ds Technique

Although incorporating the skills of anxiety reduction requires persistence and practice, there are certain techniques that often serve as immediate means of anxiety reduction.


Care for Caregivers

Psychologist and entrepreneur Priyanka M B talks about caregivers burden and how we can ease it. As professional caregivers (doctors and nurses) find themselves in the news, it is critical to talk about family members who provide care, even as they face the highly likely scenario of testing positive themselves.


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Self Care

Putting our own well-being can be tough when we are caring for others. This session with our psychologist reminds you to take care of yourself.

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