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Counseling Team

Priyanka M B

Priyanka M B is a Psychologist and Entrepreneur who is on a mission to change the way mental health is perceived. She co-founded Inspiron Psychological Well-being Centre in 2011 to do just that.

She believes that ‘our unfulfilled childhood memories and dreams are the driving forces that shape our personality for the rest of our lives’. Her therapeutic approach is eclectic, however focuses on psychodynamic, cognitive behavior therapy, humanitarian andexistential theories.

She has worked with clients of all ages and specializes in trauma work and abuse, clinical conditions like Depression, Anxiety, OCD. As a trainer, she has worked with leadership teams, and in the educational sector, has trained more than 35,000 students.

Anikha S J

Anikha S J, a psychologist practices an eclectic approach to treat the concerns of her clients. Being in the field for over 6 years, passion to heal people which has turned into a vision of catering to anyone and everyone in relation to mental health has been the focus for her. Other than treating 600+ clients ranging from clinical and personality disorders, she has been active in learning and applying different schools of thought. Being a patient listener, one of her biggest strengths, has proved most effective in treating her clients.

She strives to help people be more open and engaging. A believer of the psychodynamic school of thought makes her go to the root of the client’s concerns and her ‘solution focused’ approach helps them achieve their goals with tools and techniques learnt during the therapeutic process.

Shivani S

Shivani, as a counseling psychologist has involved in offering therapy to young and middle-aged adults. She is adept at dealing in issues such as anger management, stress management, bullying, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma and violence.

Her experience with the The LiveLoveLaugh Foundation gave her a platform to reach out to 5000+ students. Simultaneously through 600+ sessions of therapy, she has helped clients overcome various personal obstacles. She uses an eclectic approach to therapy depending on individual needs . During individual counselling she strives to bring personal meaning and fulfilment to the lives of her clients and help them achieve their highest potential by building social, emotional skills and functional living skills.
She says that being a part of this transformational journey with her clients makes therapy the most enriching moments of her life.

Sonakshi Mukherji