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Our center is equipped to serve you safely through the coronavirus pandemic. If you prefer not to travel, you can take online sessions.
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Transforming mental health

Our team of experts offer a variety of solutions, including individual therapy sessions for adults and children, evaluation and consultancy services for educational institutions, employee assessments and corporate workshops.

Personal counselling

Individual therapy to address personal and professional issues.

Educational partnership

A comprehensive toolkit for schools and colleges to serve students better.

Developmental evaluation

Unique tools to help children grow and thrive in a digital world.

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A range of services to help transform wellness at work.

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Our diverse team has worked with more than 40,000 people across all ages, experiences, and backgrounds – to foster positivity and happiness.

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I have never ever went for psychological counseling in my lifetime. This was my first time experience. Which was extraordinary. Actually, the thing is like that you will not feel like you are getting psychological therapy because they will do it in a playful manner. Actually, they are like family members. And I do believe that the best medicine in the world is 'love' and they are master in applying such medicine in you. So you can feel the 'love of family' and you can't feel the 'love' what I'm talking about until and unless you come. And experience like me..... Overall it was a great experience and now I'm doing very well in my life. Thank you
Jamilur Rahman
A calm place to relax and introspect. Must visit for a unique experience. Wonderful team of dedicated psychiatrists and psychologists to assist you every step of the way. An interesting approach to counselling, keep up the good work guys!
Sam Hebbar
In Oct 2018 , I was diagnosed by anxiety and borderline bipolar disorder. Initially, me and my husband was completely clueless. We went to Inspiron based on the Google reviews and trust me that was the best thing that we did at that time. The therapy sessions with Anikha were very helpful. I completed my therapy sessions much before she had anticipated. My medications are still going on but it's being reduced based on my symptoms. I would recommend everyone to visit them atleast once if you need some help or any kind of guidance.
Sanchayita Sinha