Corporate well-being solutions, driven by positivity

Customised programs, solutions, and support that can help leaders build cultures, processes, and emotional skills that foster professional growth and personal well-being.

These work through a unique engagement model which allows us to customise it for each company, each team, and even each individual, and address specific business challenges.

The positivity-led process

Quick evaluations

Assess various aspects of a team's and an individual’s psychology, from simple stress levels to complex aspects like management styles, which can impact a team's performance.


Based on the assessments, customised programs that address various challenges in leadership, management, recruitment, transformation, culture creation, training, etc.

Self-help tools

A set of videos, podcasts, digital assets and physical tools, designed to help people foster a growth mindset and improve well-being at work.

21-day challenge

A unique program designed as a series of short 15-20 min daily sessions, delivered by a dedicated trainer, to help build positive habits that can last a lifetime.


Individual consultations with our experts to address specific personal and professional challenges.

Flagship workshops

These programs have been designed with a network of experts in various different domains, and have been received positively both online and offline and recommended to others by corporate leaders.

These programs address various challenges in leadership, management, recruitment, business transformation, culture creation, education & re-training, and more, especially in the post-Covid world.

  • Millennials and Gen Z – Breaking down the challenge for HR
  • Fostering learning and intrinsic motivation​
  • Assertiveness training and handling remote work ​
  • Building boundaries – establishing a healthy work-life balance​
  • 10Cs versus the big C: Understanding and dealing with stress​
  • Happiness Hour (Expression based session)​
  • Mindfulness with Mandalas (Art based session)​
  • Workplace wellness (Movement based session)​

Self-help tools


Videos that explain complex concepts, address relevant issues, and help you tackle various challenges.


Audio podcasts that you can use both for learning, as well as emotional self-regulation.


Self-administered evaluations, quizzes, and other fun tools that can help track progress and provide motivation.

For example, try this quiz on relationships!


Short pieces from our experts that provide insights into how we think, feel, and act – and what we can do to improve them.

Read this one on neuroscience and the 21-day challenge.

The 21-day challenge

Inspiron’s 21-day Challenge is  designed by psychologists, corporate trainers, and experts in art, music, and dance movement therapy.

It has three dimensions, handled by experts

  1. A psychologist who leads the process with weekly sessions
  2. An art, music, dance/movement therapist who engages you through expression-based activities
  3. A personal coach who will have 15-20 minute sessions every day and lead you through the 21-day program.

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    Our experts include clinical and organisational psychologists (led by co-founder Priyanka M B), corporate trainers, art-therapists, animal-assisted therapists, and a network of others who bring a wide range of expertise and techniques to create customised programs.