Training Internship Program

We at Inspiron are dedicated to fostering the next generation of leaders in the field of mental health care in India.

This means finding new ideas, developing engaging programs, and establishing robust frameworks for effective mental health care delivery that are best suited to the Indian cultural milieu.

The 30-day Training Internship Program is designed for students who can not just help us achieve this, but also lead the way!

What’s included?

Work hours : – 4-6 hours of direct training sessions a week with Inspiron experts (scheduled in advance) plus 2-3 hours a day of independent learning and performance based tasks with supervision and feedback.

Mode of learning : – Real client case discussions, case analysis, role plays and topic-specific assignments.

Training : – Case history taking, mental status examination, assessments, case formulation, provisional diagnoses, treatment plans, Relaxation Techniques.

Performance based tasks : – Developing screening tools, self-help tools like videos, worksheets, podcasts and handouts, psycho-educational modules, administering screening tools, formulating assessment reports, and more.

Additional (Optional) Tasks : – Trainees are provided the opportunity to contribute in content creation for ongoing projects of Inspiron, based on the assessment of their skills and interest.

Program details

  • 100 – 150 hours (20 hours direct training, 80 – 130 hours of performance based tasks)
  • Charges: INR 2,500 (1 month of online training)
  • Internship period can be extended based on individual requirement
  • An official letter / certificate will be issued at the end of the program, highlighting the tasks completed, learnings and contributions made by the trainee.

Who should apply?

Students who have a keen interest in learning extensively about the field of psychology in order to supplement the theoretical knowledge obtained through the college curriculum.

Areas of focus

Clinical and Counselling Psychology


Students who are pursuing or have completed B.A., B.Sc., M.A., or M.Sc., in Clinical / Counselling / Applied Psychology / Social Work.

The program is also suitable for someone who would like to take a step towards transitioning into a career in the field of Psychology.

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    FAQs about the training program

    1. Are the hours flexible?

    Apart from the previously scheduled sessions with the experts, the student can choose to work as they find convenient.

    2. Why is there a program fee?

    Remuneration is charged owing to the nature of the program and the time spent by our experts to structure, prepare and facilitate the session to create an effective learning experience.

    3. How many people will be a part of the batch?

    Through our experiences with the previous online batches conducted so far, 15 was found to be the ideal number to encourage active discussions while allowing each individual to put forth their perspectives.

    4. Who will be the facilitators?

    The sessions are conducted by the practitioners of Inspiron Psychological Wellbeing Centre. Check out their profiles in the ‘About Inspiron’ section.

    5. Does this program cater to college requirements?

    In case of mandatory internships, the college requirements of the student is taken into consideration. We also customize our programs based on batch wise requirements from colleges.

    6. Do you provide direct interaction with clients?

    Based on performance and participation of the intern, they may be allowed to administer screening tools and relaxation techniques to clients.

    7. Do you provide pre-recorded sessions?

    In order to ensure maximum participation and interaction between our experts and the interns, live sessions are conducted. Interns are expected to attend the sessions as scheduled.

    8. Are there any prerequisites to the sessions?

    Students are provided with the session topics and reading material before-hand to encourage preparedness for the sessions. The interns are also expected to maintain an internship journal.


    I had a great experience at Inspiron! Despite working remotely, it was an enriching and engaging experience. I do hope to work with you in the future, hopefully in person. Thank you again for the opportunity!
    Debopriya Sen
    MSc Psychology (Clinical) at Christ University
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to intern here at Inspiron. I am convinced that I would not have learned as much as I have in the last few weeks if it hadn't been for these opportunities, especially the helpline project. As I finish my degree and prepare to enter the workforce, I'd like to stay in contact and be informed about all of Inspiron's future endeavors. Thanks again for this incredible internship, and I wish you and the team all the best
    Anisha Sarma
    MSc Psychology (Clinical) at Christ University
    Time spent with you all mentors at Inspiron was really very insightful and full of learning. In very short duration I could get so much of exposure and practical experience while working on the project. So grateful to you all.
    Nikita Tiwari
    MSc Psychology (Clinical) at Christ University
    I had a wonderful time at Inspiron. The team made the internship something I looked forward to, even in the midst of the pandemic. And thank you, for coordinating everything so well. Truly an enriching experience. Hope to meet you and everyone else soon. Take care and thank you again
    Karen Izaac
    MSc Psychology (Clinical) at Christ University
    It was a wholesome experience with an exposure and understanding about the practicality of the field. It was helping me understand how to apply the theoretical concepts we have learnt so far into real life experiences. Though it was an online exposure, it still didn't hamper the quality of learning process.
    Ann Mary Jacob
    MSc Psychology (Clinical) at Christ University